The Personal Pension Plan (PPP) was developed by Integris Pension Management Corporation designed for business owners as a pension solution. A Personal Pension Plan has a similar structure to an Individual Pension Plan (IPP) but with added flexibility during years of lower revenues.

Some of the benefits of a PPP include:

  1. Shelter More Income: Increase your annual contribution levels on an annual basis.
  2. Safety of Your Assets: Protection from claims of trade creditors & tax-exempt roll-over of existing RRS assets.
  3. Tax Deduction of Fees: Ability to deduct investment, actuarial, administration and trustee fees.
  4. Mitigating Market Losses: Make additional tax-deductible contributions when your return is less than 7.5% for full funding of the pension plan.
  5. Contribution Flexibility: Choose between Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution to allow for changes it the economic client of the business.
  6. Greater Scope for Investments: Flexibility to invest in non-traditional investment vehicles otherwise not available for an RRSP.

The Integris Personal Pension Plan is an ideal solution for Business Owners and Incorporated Professionals aged 30 to 71 years old receiving a T4 income. Typical clients with a PPP draw a T4 income of $70k-$150k. A PPP offers eligible clients both a Defined Benefit Component and a Defined Contribution account. Also included in a PPP is the Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) account, which allows Transfers-In of additional RRSP assets to tax deduct Investment Management Fees. 


*Increased Contribution levels are dependent on age of plan member.
**RRSP may be protected by Provincial legislation.
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